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proshopSkate Sharpening & Pro Shop

Richmond Training Centre offers quality skate sharpening for all levels and disciplines.
State of the art equipment and over 40 years of experience, ensures the best quality of skate sharpening.
Call Bob Emerson 416-520-8978 or Patrick Myzyk 647-864-3846 for an appointment.
The Pro shop offers everything you need in skating. We have you covered.
Please see list below.



Figure Skates $20.00
Sharpening Card 10 for the price of 9 $180.00 (save $20.00)


Blade Mounting (includes Sharpening) $45.00
Plug & Remount Blades $20.00
Water Proofing $15.00
Skate Punch $5.00
Hook Replacement $5.00 per hook
Boot pressing for ankles $5.00

ACCESSORIES, HST to be added

Guards $10.00
Guard dog Gards $15.00
Laces $5.00
Rhinestone Laces $8.00
Edea Laces $10.00
Jump Rope $45.00
Gel Socks $35.00
Gel Dots $20.00
Gloves 1 pair for $5.00 or 2 pair for $8.00