Danielle Rose

Danielle RoseFreestyle, Choreography and Blade Skills

Danielle has been a member of RTC since its inception and was coached by Bob Emerson.  She is a certified Level 3 coach. Danielle is a quadruple gold medalist in Freeskate, Skills, Dance, and Interpretive as well as having her Junior Competitive Test.

Danielle has been teaching since 2004.  She works with skaters of all ages at the Learn to Skate level, up to the Senior Competitive level.  Danielle teaches freeskate and choreographs programs for all levels.  This season, Danielle choreographed for Isadora Williams, Brazil’s first ever Olympian in figure skating.  Along with her husband, Ken, Danielle also choreographed the free program for the Chinese National Champion and Sochi 2014 Olympian, Kexin Zhang.  Danielle was also part of the team who was asked to choreograph the Team COS/Team Elite number in the 2013 Margaret Garrison Awards Show with Ken Rose, Vesna Markovich & Robert Burk.

Danielle has also conducted seminars throughout Ontario and will be continuing her education by actively participating in coaching seminars and clinics.