Bonard Muck

Bonard is a NCCP certified coach who began coaching in 2013.  He is a former national competitor of free skate.  He is a Novice national medalist and Junior competitor in ice dance.  His strength is dance, skills and stroking, as well as choreography.  He enjoys coaching skaters of all levels including beginner, Star, competitive, and hockey for power skating.

After competition, Bonard travelled the globe with Disney on Ice as a Principal pair skater for 18 years, performing for millions in 65 different countries.

Bonard trained under coaching greats such as Josee Picard, Julie Marcotte, David Islam, Kelly Johnson and Cindy Stuart.

It is his passion for the unique fusion of athletics and artistry in our sport that drives him to pursue excellence everyday.  He believes that with the mind set, discipline and love of what you do, he can help you achieve your personal goals within this great sport.

Bonard can be contacted at or (905)-226-7517.