Allie Biederman

Certified National Level Coach.
Allie has over 20 years experience in coaching skaters from Pre- Can skate through to Gold Star (all disciplines) and Competitive Singles.

Also an independent mother of 4, Allie’s accomplishment includes being a Skate Canada Triple Gold Medalist, who competed at Juvenile through to Novice at the competitive level.
Allie has had numerous skaters named to various development teams and has coached skaters at different levels from local area competitions to Ontario Winter Games.

Allie firmly believes that the relationship that is formed between a skater and parents is of the utmost importance to the success of developing the skater, from beginner, star skate, or
competitive level. The balance and discipline required between school, family, friendships and training is crucial to the development of an athlete to build self-esteem, confidence and being positive.

Allie can be reached at (416) 817-8449 or