Skate Sharpening at RTC

Why is it important to have a quality skate sharpening?

  • Prevents fall and injuries
  • Helps the skater grip the ice
  • Gives the skater more control and agility over their edges
  • Gives the athlete a better opportunity to perform the skills on their stages
  • Prevents rust build-up

Here at RTC we understand the difference between figure skating and hockey sharpening. In our Pro Shop we have the required equipment and expertise to cater to skaters of all levels and disciplines.

How to sharpen your skates…

There is a skate rack just inside the RTC Coaches Room. You can leave your skates on the rack, Toes facing in for sharpening and they will be ready for pick-up on your next visit. When skates have been sharpened the toes will be facing out. Please write the skater’s name, level and when they will be skating next on the envelopes provided, and leave the appropriate payment inside. Skates left without payment will not be sharpened.

Maintaining your blades…

  • When walking in your skates off the ice, always wear skate guards
  • Always dry your skates after each and every use and protect them with cloth blade covers, which are different from skate guards, to prevent nicks and keep them dry
  • Never put wet skate guards on dry blades as they will rust quickly

Your skater deserves the very best from their equipment. Maintaining your blades properly will help your sharpening last longer.

For your convenience we have the following items for sale, blade covers, laces, gloves and many more. If you have any questions or wish to purchase anything from our Pro Shop, see Carmen in the office.

When to sharpen your skates…

  • If you notice any rust build-up on the bottom of your blades
  • If you notice your skater having trouble gripping the ice
  • Under a coach’s recommendation
  • If you notice any nicks or dullness of edges

The beginning of the new skating season means the start of an exciting and fun filled time that can lead to big dreams. We wish everyone a fun and successful season!

Yours in skating,

Bob Emerson – (416) 520-8978